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European Journal of Marketing, 47(10)

Determinants of franchise conversion: a franchisee perspective
Cori Hodge, Harmen Oppewal, Civilai Terawatanavong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influence of consumer online resale awareness on purchase decisions: a mental accounting perspective
Shuling Liao, Hsunchi Chu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

For better or for worse?: Adverse effects of relationship age and continuance commitment on positive and negative word of mouth
Chatura Ranaweera, Kalyani Menon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring relationship marketing in membership associations
Nathan A. Vincent, Cynthia M. Webster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From receiving to achieving: The role of relationship and dependence for nonprofit organisations in corporate partnerships
Kathryn Lefroy, Yelena Tsarenko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Integrating consumer characteristics into the stochastic modelling of purchase loyalty
Cam Rungie, Mark Uncles, Gilles Laurent [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ad agency professionals’ mental models of advertising creativity
Gergely Nyilasy, Robin Canniford, Peggy J. Kreshel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of store environment on impulse buying behavior
Geetha Mohan, Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran, Piyush Sharma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trash talk rebuffed: consumers’ defense of companies criticized in online communities
Jonas Colliander, Anders Hauge Wien [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An investigation into online reviewers’ behavior
Hua-Ning Chen, Chun-Yao Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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