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Current Issues Sales and Sales Management, Special section of Marketing Management Journal, Edited by Tim Aurand; Deadline 1 Mar 2014


Marketing Management Journal – Special Section

Current Issues Sales and Sales Management

The roles of sales managers and salespeople have changed dramatically over the past decade.  The salient infusion of technology, augmentation of performance metrics, and heightened importance of ethical sales practices has significantly altered the role of the salesperson in today’s corporate environment.  Rarely has a marketing function undergone transformation such as sales.  Marketing organizations and universities immersed in this dynamic field are faced with daunting task of preparing students and employees to perform in an extremely competitive environment.

This special section of the Marketing Management Journal focuses on the demanding roles of sales and sales management.  Papers addressing any of a wide variety of topics will be considered for publication including:

  •     The increased use of technology in the sales function
  •          Ethical practices within sales
  •          The roles of the sales function in CRM
  •          Modern sales metrics
  •          Salesperson recruitment and retention
  •          Training and management of millennial salespeople
  •          Territory realignment
  •          Sales compensation practices
  •          The sales–sales management dichotomy, and
  •          The changing role of sales in today’s e-commerce environment.

Submission Deadline:  March 1, 2014

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Special Section Editor

Questions about the special section should be directed to:

Tim Aurand, Professor of Marketing, Northern Illinois University  (815) 753-6231