MPPC 2014


AMA Marketing & Public Policy Conference, Boston, 4?6 Jun 2014, Chairs Elizabeth Miller, George Milne and Easwar Iyer; Deadline 18 Nov

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first Marketing & Public Policy Conference. In recognition of this milestone, the theme of this year’s conference is “The Past, Present, and Future of Marketing & Public Policy: Creating a Better Tomorrow.” Throughout its history, the marketing & public policy conference has focused on a broad array of topics relevant to improving and protecting consumers’ lives and bettering society. However, with growing populations and increasing standards of living, society still faces many challenges that threaten our future. These challenges include increasing acceptance of sustainable business practices, improving consumer health and well-being, decreasing poverty, and improving consumer financial welfare, among others.

We invite research that focuses on sustainability and its interaction with a host of business and consumer factors such as globalization, economic growth, consumption, environmental impact, social marketing, materialism, environmental values, and health and well-being, as well as research that addresses more traditional topics such as privacy, public health, truth in advertising, product safety, competition, nutritional labeling, warning labels, and consumer financial welfare. In addition, in recognition of the conference’s 25th anniversary, we invite special session proposals that provide a retrospective and/or future view of a broad array of policy topics, such as nutrition and health, ethics and corporate social responsibility, consumer privacy, antitrust and monopoly issues, special markets such as children, the elderly or the disadvantaged, consumer information and education programs, marketing and the legal system, product safety, deceptive or covert marketing, emerging markets, or the field as a whole.

Co-chairs for the conference are Elizabeth Miller, Associate Professor; George Milne, Professor; and Easwar Iyer, Professor; all of University of Massachusetts – Amherst

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