Emerging Markets


Special Issue of Customer Needs and Solutions, Edited by John Roberts, Ujwal Kayande and Rajendra Srivastava; Deadline 1 Apr 2014

Call for Papers

Special Issue on Emerging Markets
Customer Needs and Solutions

Deadline for submission: April 1, 2014

Special Issue Editors

  • John Roberts, UNSW and London Business School
  • Ujwal Kayande, Melbourne Business School
  • Rajendra Srivastava, Singapore Management University

Most published research in marketing is set in the US, Canada, and Western European countries. Yet, one of the most fundamental current trends is the emergence of markets such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia as drivers of global economic growth from both a supply and demand perspective. Are customers in these markets different from those in the markets in which our research has typically been situated? Are the processes for wealth creation and capture different in these markets? How do firms in western nations relate to these new markets? How should they relate? Are there unique social challenges in these markets that marketing can help address? Do business to business relationships differ (from developed to emerging markets or from emerging to developed markets)? These important questions are the primary focus of this special issue of Customer Needs and Solutions. This call for papers from CNS is consistent with its goal of publishing research that is high-impact.

We seek papers from scholars around the world addressing any issue related to customers and markets in emerging markets, including issues related to how western firms relate to those markets. Consistent with the overarching objective of CNS, the primary criteria for publication of papers in the special issue are the rigor and potential impact of the research. We welcome papers from all domains – consumer behaviour, modeling, and managerial – using any appropriate methodological paradigm. We also invite scholars and practitioners to write papers that identify important research questions about emerging markets and how firms in developed nations relate to those markets. We promise a fast turnaround of papers, with feedback intended to improve the impact of the research. We expect the Special Issue to provide an important reference source for future work in the area of emerging markets.


The deadline for submission of papers is April 1, 2014. We expect to give a response to authors by May 30, 2014. Revised papers will be due by August 1, 2014, and publication will be in the last issue of 2014 or first issue of 2015.

If you would like to discuss the suitability of your work with the Editors, please feel free to email us.

John Roberts

Ujwal Kayande

Rajendra Srivastava

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