ELMAR Goes Social


The ELMAR feed is now also available on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook

In an effort to keep ELMAR firmly footed on the trailing edge of technology, I have set up Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts that will echo ELMAR postings. Each of these outlets will carry identical content, unless of course one of you is moved to comment, upload a photo, or otherwise act in some sort of social way.

Follow ELMAR on Twitter here:


Follow ELMAR on Google+ here:


Like ELMAR on Facebook here:


Some of you may already know that you can follow ELMAR via RSS. A clickable orange RSS symbol appears at the bottom of all ELMAR pages when you are signed in:


and you can copy and paste the RSS feed URL into your favorite RSS reader. (My personal favorite is NewsBlur). If you need help with signing in, drop me a line by replying to the Community Update email or using elmar@ama.org.

There is liable to be another week or more of experimentation until things are stable but with a little bit of luck you will find these useful and this won’t all somehow blow up in my face.

I don’t particularly expect a lot of social behavior surrounding ELMAR posts, which, let’s face it, can sometimes be on the dry side. Instead I am hoping simply to better match everbody’s preferred way of viewing news and information. Having said that, you should certainly feel free to co-create value with ELMAR on these three new outlets.


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