TOC: Services Mar Quart


Services Marketing Quarterly, 34(4)

Waiting for Service: The Effects of Music Volume and Gender
Michaelle Cameron, Julie Baker & Mark Peterson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service Quality, Corporate Brand Image, and Switching Behavior: The Mediating Role of Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention
Kavita Srivastava & Narendra K. Sharma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Membership and Demographics on Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Service Organizations
Clayton L. Daughtrey, Nicole S. Vowles & Gregory S. Black [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attitudinal and Behavioral Loyalty Amongst Casino Players in Macau
Catherine Prentice [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Customer Experience Quality on Customers’ Behavioral Intentions
Hyunsik Kim & Beomjoon Choi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perception of Green Hotels Among Tourists in Hong Kong: An Exploratory Study
Xing Han & Kara Chan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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