TOC: J Poli Economy


Journal of Political Economy, 121(4)

Toward an Understanding of Learning by Evidence from an Automobile Assembly Plant
Steven D. Levitt, John A. List, and Chad Syverson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Ties Return Volatilities to Price Valuations and Fundamentals?
Alexander David and Pietro Veronesi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Valuing Diversity
Roland G. FryerJr. and Glenn C. Loury [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Smooth Ambiguity Aversion toward Small Risks and Continuous-Time Recursive Utility
Costis Skiadas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comment on “Moneyspots: Extraneous Attributes and the Coexistence of Money and Interest-Bearing Nominal Bonds” by Ricardo Lagos
Neil Wallace [Publisher]

Moneyspots and Coexistence in the Pure Theory of Money: A Reply to Neil Wallace
Ricardo Lagos [Publisher]

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