TOC: J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 66(12)

Special Section: Understanding Asian Business Strategy

Understanding Asian business strategy: Modeling institution-based legitimacy-embedded efficiency
Zhilin Yang, Chenting Su [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Confucian dynamism and Dunning’s framework: Direct and moderation associations in internationalized Chinese private firms
Junzhe Ji, Pavlos Dimitratos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advertising persuasion in China: Using Mandarin or Cantonese?
Shixiong Liu, Xiaoshan Wen, Lina Wei, Weihong Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Banking systems, innovations, intellectual property protections, and financial markets: Evidence from China
Po-Hsuan Hsu, Chong Wang, Chaopeng Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How do Asia’s two most important consumer markets differ? Japanese–Chinese differences in customer satisfaction and its formation
Björn Frank, Gulimire Abulaiti, Boris Herbas Torrico, Takao Enkawa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer insecurity and preference for nostalgic products: Evidence from China
Ling Zhou, Tao Wang, Qin Zhang, Yupeng Mou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does it pay for firms in Asia’s emerging markets to be market oriented? Evidence from Vietnam
Le Nguyen Hau, Felicitas Evangelista, Pham Ngoc Thuy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How does entrepreneurs’ social capital hinder new business development? A relational embeddedness perspective
Yongqiang Li, Xuehua Wang, Lily Huang, Xuan Bai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does diversification add firm value in emerging economies? Effect of corporate governance
Yung-Chih Lien, Shaomin Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The moderating role of managerial ties in market orientation and innovation: An Asian perspective
Cheng Lu Wang, Henry F.L. Chung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transforming visitors into members in online brand communities: Evidence from China
Zhimin Zhou, Jane Peihsun Wu, Qiyuan Zhang, Shen Xu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Firm competencies on market entry success: Evidence from a high-tech industry in an emerging market
Kung-Jeng Wang, Yuliani Dwi Lestari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experiential drivers of foreign direct investment by late-comer Asian firms: The Chinese evidence
Lin Cui, Yi Li, Zijie Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Response strategies of local firms to import competition in emerging markets
B. Elango, Chinmay Pattnaik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

CEO turnover and shareholder wealth: Evidence from CEO power in Taiwan
Hsiu-I Ting [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does ownership type matter for innovation? Evidence from China
Ling (Alice) Jiang, David S. Waller, Shaohan Cai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internationalization performance of Chinese multinational companies in the developed markets
Weiguo Zhong, Jisheng Peng, Chunlin Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selling to the urban Chinese in East Asia: Do CSR and value orientation matter?
Bala Ramasamy, Matthew C.H. Yeung, Junsong Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market valuation of marketing alliances in East Asia: Korean evidence
Hyunchul Lee, Dukyong Kim, Minkyo Seo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internationalization and performan A contextual analysis of Indian firms
Chitra Singla, Rejie George [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategies, technologies, and organizational learning for developing organizational innovativeness in emerging economies
Yan Yu, Xiao-Ying Dong, Kathy Ning Shen, Mohamed Khalifa, Jin-Xing Hao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

East meets West: Toward a theoretical model linkingguanxiand relationship marketing
Ahmed S. Shaalan, Jon Reast, Debra Johnson, Marwa E. Tourky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contingent effects of managerialguanxion new product development success
Nan Cui, Na Wen, Lan Xu, Yao Qin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What drives content creation behavior on SNSs? A commitment perspective
Aihui Chen, Yaobin Lu, Bin Wang, Ling Zhao, Ming Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers un-tethered: A three-market empirical study of consumers’ mobile marketing acceptance
Tao (Tony) Gao, Andrew J. Rohm, Fareena Sultan, Margherita Pagani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing channel relationships in China: A review and integration with an institution-based perspective
Flora Fang Jia, Jeff Jianfeng Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychological antecedents and risk on attitudes toward e-customization
JungKun Park, HyoJoo Han, JooHyung Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regular Papers

Configural paths to successful product innovation
Cheng-Feng Cheng, Man-Ling Chang, Chu-Shiu Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political institutional structure influences on innovative activity
J. Christian Broberg, Alexander McKelvie, Jeremy C. Short, David J. Ketchen, William P. Wan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

CSR and the national institutional context: The case of South Korea
Chung Hee Kim, Kenneth Amaeshi, Simon Harris, Chang-Jin Suh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Third-party endorsements of CEO quality, managerial discretion, and stakeholder reactions
Theodore L. Waldron, Scott D. Graffin, Joseph F. Porac, James B. Wade [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Change in international market strategy as a reaction to performance decline
Luis Filipe Lages, Jose Mata, David A. Griffith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human and financial capital as determinants of biopharmaceutical IPO de-listings
David R. Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of advertising-evoked vicarious nostalgia on brand heritage
Altaf Merchant, Gregory M. Rose [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consuming digital technologies and making home
Meera Venkatraman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hierarchical effects of product attributes on actualized innovativeness in the context of high-tech products
Kyootai Lee, Shaji Khan, Dinesh Mirchandani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Real effects of private equity investments: Evidence from European buyouts
Giuseppe Scellato, Elisa Ughetto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Control of electronic channel affiliates: An exploratory study and research propositions
David I. Gilliland, John M. Rudd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Differentiated effects of formal and informal institutional distance between countries on the environmental performance of multinational enterprises
Javier Aguilera-Caracuel, Nuria Esther Hurtado-Torres, Juan Alberto Aragón-Correa, Alan M. Rugman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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