TOC: Consumption Markets Cult


Consumption Markets & Culture, 16(4)

Happy Festivus! Parody as playful consumer resistance
Ilona Mikkonen & Domen Bajde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Just looking? Choice and constraint in practices of visual consumption at magazine newsstands
Mehita Iqani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The atmosphere of the image: an aesthetic concept for visual analysis
Brigitte Biehl-Missal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Provenance as a filtering and framing device in the qualification of wine
Jennifer Smith Maguire [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Advertising at war: business, consumers and government in the 1940s
Michael Fisher [Publisher]

Balkan smoke: tobacco and the making of modern Bulgaria
Elza Ibroscheva [Publisher]

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