TOC: Intl Small Bus J


International Small Business Journal, 31(6)

Political signification of the entrepreneur: Temporal analysis of constructs, agency and reification
Lew Perren and Charles Dannreuther [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The career identities of ‘mumpreneurs’: Women’s experiences of combining enterprise and motherhood
Joanne Duberley and Marylyn Carrigan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The roles of learning orientation and passion for work in the formation of entrepreneurial intention
Dirk De Clercq, Benson Honig, and Bruce Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Risk management capability building in SMEs: A social capital perspective
Simon S. Gao, Ming C. Sung, and Jane Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the pace, scale and pattern of firm internationalization: An extension of the ‘born global’ concept
Murray Taylor and Robert Jack [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The failure of small British Initial Public Offerings on the UK Alternative Investment Market: A research note on spatial and industry effects
Shima Amini and Kevin Keasey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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