TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 34(10)

How much to make and how much to buy? An analysis of optimal plural sourcing strategies
Phanish Puranam, Ranjay Gulati and Sourav Bhattacharya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deregulation and differentiation: Incumbent investment in green technologies
Eun-Hee Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A competition-based explanation of collaborative invention within the firm
Puay Khoon Toh and Francisco Polidoro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How firms respond to mandatory information disclosure
Anil R. Doshi, Glen W. S. Dowell and Michael W. Toffel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The assignment of call option rights between partners in international joint ventures
Tony W. Tong and Sali Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why pure strategies may be wrong for transition economy firms
George A. Shinkle, Aldas P. Kriauciunas and Greg Hundley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Product and environmental social performance: Varying effect on firm performance
Satish Jayachandran, Kartik Kalaignanam and Meike Eilert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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