TOC: J Man Studies


Journal of Management Studies, 50(6)

Transforming New Ideas into Practice: An Activity Based Perspective on the Institutionalization of Practices
Trish Reay, Samia Chreim, Karen Golden-Biddle, Elizabeth Goodrick, B. E. (Bernie) Williams, Ann Casebeer, Amy Pablo and C. R. (Bob) Hinings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ingratiation in the Workplace: The Role of Subordinate and Supervisor Political Skill
Long-Zeng Wu, Ho Kwong Kwan, Li-Qun Wei and Jun Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Do I Feel Valued and Why Do I Contribute? A Relational Approach to Employee’s Organization-Based Self-Esteem and Job Performance
Jun Liu, Chun Hui, Cynthia Lee and Zhen Xiong Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In Pursuit of Greatness: CEO Narcissism, Entrepreneurial Orientation, and Firm Performance Variance
William J. Wales, Pankaj C. Patel and G. T. Lumpkin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Relationship between Slack Resources and the Performance of Entrepreneurial Firms: The Role of Venture Capital and Angel Investors
Tom Vanacker, Veroniek Collewaert and Ine Paeleman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Opening up New Vistas in Categorization Research
The Editors [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Category Stretching: Reorienting Research on Categories in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Organization Theory
Rodolphe Durand and Lionel Paolella [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Categories, Identities, and Cultural Classification: Moving Beyond a Model of Categorical Constraint
Mary Ann Glynn and Chad Navis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Ontological Turn in Categories Research: From Standards of Legitimacy to Evidence of Actuality
Mark Thomas Kennedy and Peer C. Fiss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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