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The Entrepreneurship Research Society invites you to be a Founding Scholar

Entrepreneurship Research Society (ERS)

Dear Scholar,

This email is to invite you to join us as a Founding Scholar of the newly formed Entrepreneurship Research Society (ERS).

Our society’s founding Board of Directors includes Howard Aldrich, David Audretsch, Mark Casson, William Gartner, Jill Kickul, Thomas Lyons, Chandra Mishra, Robert Strom, Ning Wang, Ramona Zachary, and Shaker Zahra.

The Entrepreneurship Research Society (ERS) is dedicated to fostering the development of entrepreneurship as a social science and the scholarly exchange of ideas by encompassing researchers from any field of study that focus on entrepreneurs and their activities as well as entrepreneurial contexts, processes, strategies, and outcomes.

First year memberships are free. The Founding Scholar memberships are limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and by no later than August 31, 2013.

For membership registration click on the link>>> Membership Registration

Founding Scholar membership offers the following:

  • Access to the ERS online research community (website currently in development)
  • Listed as Founding Scholar in ERS directory online
  • No first year membership fee after first year, lifetime membership available at a TBD discounted rate
  • Nominate Joseph A. Schumpeter Distinguished Scholar Awards candidates
  • Nominate ERS Best Paper Award candidates
  • Considered for service on the ERJ Review Board
  • Lead sessions at annual meetings

Please register your membership online today and invite other colleagues to join. Welcome to our ERS!

For more information regarding the Entrepreneurship Research Society (ERS) please visit http://ent-research-society.org

Our Best from the Founding Board,

  • Ramona Zachary, President
  • Thomas Lyons, Senior Vice-President, Programs and President-Elect
  • Chandra Mishra, Senior Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Jill Kickul, Senior Vice-President, Membership and Development
  • Howard Aldrich, ERS Director
  • David Audretsch, ERS Director
  • Mark Casson, ERS Director
  • William Gartner, ERS Director
  • Robert Strom, ERS Director
  • Ning Wang, ERS Director
  • Shaker Zahra, ERS Director

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