TOC: J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 28(6)

Trust in the knowledge economy
Marco Tulio Zanini, Michael Musante [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales activity systematization and performance: differences between product and service firms
Petri Parvinen, Jaakko Aspara, Sami Kajalo, Joel Hietanen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

ICT as a catalyst for service business orientation
Christian Kowalkowski, Daniel Kindström, Heiko Gebauer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales coordination and structural complexity: a national-international comparison
Jakob Rehme, Christian Kowalkowski, Daniel Nordigården [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relationship between supplier development and firm performance: the mediating role of marketing process improvement
Anthony K. Asare, Thomas G. Brashear, Jing Yang, Jun Kang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Application of customer lifetime value model in make-to-order manufacturing
Oya I. Tukel, Ashutosh Dixit [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategies for sustaining the edge in offshore outsourcing of services: the case of India
Rajshekhar (Raj) G. Javalgi, W. Benoy Joseph, Elad Granot, Andrew C. Gross [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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