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Journal of Marketing Management, 29(7/8)

Brand vulnerability to product assortments and prices
Mayukh Dass, Piyush Kumar & Plamen P. Peev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extend to online or offline? The effects of web-brand extension mode, similarity, and brand concept on consumer evaluation
Liyin Jin & Deqiang Zou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical claims and labelling: An analysis of consumers’ beliefs and choice behaviours
Janet Hoek, Nicole Roling & David Holdsworth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Would you believe it? A detailed investigation of believability in comparative price advertising
James F. Devlin, Christine T. Ennew, Sally McKechnie & Andrew Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of perceived crowding on consumers’ store patronage intentions: Role of optimal stimulation level and shopping motivation
Ritu Mehta, Narendra K Sharma & Sanjeev Swami [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fashion creation and diffusion: The institution of marketing
Deniz Atik & A. Fuat Firat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Co-production and self-service: The application of Service-Dominant Logic
Toni Hilton & Tim Hughes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Authenticating by re-enchantment: The discursive making of craft production
Benjamin J. Hartmann & Jacob Ostberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The community brand paradigm: A response to brand management’s dilemma in the digital era
Sarah Quinton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Young adults and ‘binge’ drinking: A Bakhtinian analysis
Chris Hackley, Andrew Bengry-Howell, Christine Griffin, Willm Mistral, Isabelle Szmigin & Rungpaka Amy Hackley née Tiwsakul [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modelling real-time online information needs: A new research approach for complex consumer behaviour
Robert Grant, Rodney J. Clarke & Elias Kyriazis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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