TOC: Org Sci


Organization Science, 24(4)

Temporal Work in Strategy Making
Sarah Kaplan and Wanda J. Orlikowski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Explaining Variation in Organizational Identity Categorization
Greta Hsu and Kimberly D. Elsbach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Constructing a Climate Change Logic: An Institutional Perspective on the "Tragedy of the Commons"
Shahzad (Shaz) Ansari, Frank Wijen, and Barbara Gray [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Looking Up and Looking Out: Career Mobility Effects of Demographic Similarity Among Professionals
Kathleen L. McGinn and Katherine L. Milkman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Happened to Long-Term Employment? The Role of Worker Power and Environmental Turbulence in Explaining Declines in Worker Tenure
Matthew J. Bidwell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Efficient Frontier in Organization Design: Organizational Structure as a Determinant of Exploration and Exploitation
Felipe A. Csaszar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Structure and Performance Feedback: Aspirations and Adaptation in M-Form Firms
Vibha Gaba and John Joseph [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Structural Context of Team Learning: Effects of Organizational and Team Structure on Internal and External Learning
Henrik Bresman and Mary Zellmer-Bruhn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rationalizing Organizational Change: A Need for Comparative Testing
Arkadiy V. Sakhartov and Timothy B. Folta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Guilt by Design: Structuring Organizations to Elicit Guilt as an Affective Reaction to Failure
Vanessa K. Bohns and Francis J. Flynn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Egalitarianism, Cultural Distance, and Foreign Direct Investment: A New Approach
Jordan I. Siegel, Amir N. Licht, and Shalom H. Schwartz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Persistence of Integration in the Face of Specialization: How Firms Navigated the Winds of Disintegration and Shaped the Architecture of the Semiconductor Industry
Rahul Kapoor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Put All Your Eggs in One Basket? A Competition-Based View of How Technological Uncertainty Affects a Firm’s Technological Specialization
Puay Khoon Toh and Taekyu Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dancing with the Enemy? Relational Hazards and the Contingent Value of Repeat Exchanges in M&A Markets
Jeongsik "Jay" Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Getting Ahead or Getting Along? The Two-Facet Conceptualization of Conscientiousness and Leadership Emergence
Sophia V. Marinova, Henry Moon, and Dishan Kamdar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

PERSPECTIVE – Relaxing the Taboo on Telling Our Own Stories: Upholding Professional Distance and Personal Involvement
Michel Anteby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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