TOC: J Mar Channels


Journal of Marketing Channels, 20(3/4)

A Retrospective/Perspective/Prospective Look at Marketing Channels
Neil C. Herndon Editor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Functions and Institutions: The Roots and the Future of Marketing Channels
Bert Rosenbloom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Critical Social Theory and the Emancipation of Marketing Channels Knowledge
Lou E. Pelton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing Channels: A Content Analysis of Recent Research, 2010–2012
Joyce A. Young & Nancy J. Merritt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of Customer Gender and Mode of Dress on Service Response Received in Retail Establishments
James H. Leigh, Neil C. Herndon & Donna Massey Kantak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Framework for Understanding Ethical Supply Chain Decision Making
O. C. Ferrell, Mary Margaret Rogers, Linda Ferrell & Jennifer Sawayda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Structural Change in China’s Retail Industry in the First Decade of the New Century
Guijun Zhuang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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