TOC: Intl Small Bus J


International Small Business Journal, 31(5)

The genetics of entrepreneurial performance
Scott Shane and Nicos Nicolaou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From barriers to barring: Why emotion matters for entrepreneurial development
Rachel Doern and David Goss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Liquidity constraints in the first year of trading and firm performance
George Saridakis, Kevin Mole, and Graham Hay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International as opposed to domestic new venturing: The moderating role of perceived barriers to internationalization
Matthias Baum, Christian Schwens, and Ruediger Kabst [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizational innovation in small European firms: A multidimensional approach
Jorge Gallego, Luis Rubalcaba, and Christiane Hipp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring contemporary entrepreneurial philanthropy
Eleanor Shaw, Jillian Gordon, Charles Harvey, and Mairi Maclean [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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