JM Reviewer Contributions


Kersi Antia, Simon Bell, Margaret Campbell, Pierre Chandon, Kristin Diehl, Jose Antonio Rosa and Kennth Wathne have made outstanding contributions as reviewers for the Journal of Marketing

Among our outstanding editorial review board members, seven individuals stood out as having more reviews than average, completing them faster than average, and having a particularly high level of quality. The following individuals are being recognized by the editor for their outstanding contribution as reviewers to the Journal of Marketing and we extend our gratitude for their service:

  • Kersi Antia, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Simon Bell, University of Melbourne
  • Margaret Campbell, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Pierre Chandon, INSEAD
  • Kristin Diehl, University of Southern California
  • Jose Antonio Rosa, University of Wyoming
  • Kennth Wathne, Norwegian School of Management

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