TOC: Intl Bus Rev


International Business Review, 22(5)

Translation behaviour: An exploratory study within a service multinational
Rebecca Piekkari, Denice Ellen Welch, Lawrence Stephenson Welch, Jukka-Pekka Peltonen, Tiina Vesa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sustainable supply chain management in “Base of the Pyramid” food projects—A path to triple bottom line approaches for multinationals?
Stefan Gold, Rüdiger Hahn, Stefan Seuring [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do barriers to export vary for born globals and across stages of internationalization? An empirical inquiry in the emerging market of Turkey
M. Mithat Uner, Akin Kocak, Erin Cavusgil, Salih Tamer Cavusgil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do culture-dependent response styles distort substantial relationships?
Stefan Hoffmann, Robert Mai, Anamaria Cristescu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The cultural system and integrated reporting
Isabel-María García-Sánchez, Lázaro Rodríguez-Ariza, José-Valeriano Frías-Aceituno [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A natural science approach to investigate cross-cultural managerial creativity
Frank Bradley, Yuhui Gao, Carlos M.P. Sousa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bidders’ gains and family control of private target firms
Halit Gonenc, Niels Hermes, Erik van Sinderen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Board participation, toeholds and the cross-border effect
Mattias Hamberg, Conny Overland, Björn Lantz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Institutional forces in adoption of international joint ventures: Empirical evidence from British retail multinationals
Martin Owens, Mark Palmer, Anna Zueva-Owens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The pre-acquisition evaluation of target firms and cross border acquisition performance
Mohammad Faisal Ahammad, Keith W. Glaister [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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