Istanbul and Marketing Science II


The organizers of Marketing Science 2013 encourage those who are registered for the conference to attend it

As the local organizers of the Marketing Science Conference 2013, we thank Professor Roland Rust for expressing his thoughts and feelings on the current development in Turkey. We are happy to know that that our colleagues as well as the rest of the world closely observe and comment on the situation.

The protesters in Turkey are non-violent as illustrated in the ‘Standing Man’ movement in Taksim square last Monday and the easing of confrontation this week. We feel comfortable organizing the conference in Swissotel, Istanbul. The conference venue and transportation routes are secure, and large areas of the city – including Old Istanbul with most touristic attractions – have not seen any issues. The coming weeks will see larger-than-ours international conferences such as the Academy of International Business ( July 3-6) and the European Academy of Management ( June 22-26). Neither conference has a substantial number of cancellations. We have been closely monitoring the situation on the ground and listening to feedback from colleagues at previous conferences and events.

What are we concretely changing? First, we provide free private shuttle service between Swissotel and any other conference hotel. Our shuttle drivers come from our own university’s shuttle pool and are very experienced. Second, we provide a free sea-route to take you and your family members from the coast near Swissotel to the tourist attractions in Old Istanbul. Third, we have set up a buddy system to give you fast updates at the conference via texts when you provide your cell phone number.

What can you do? You can support us, Informs and your colleagues by participating in the Marketing Science conference. Doing so will give you the opportunity to enjoy the conference in a wonderful city and, if you choose so, to get a better feeling of what is going on and what you can do to help. We highly encourage to check all relevant news sources, ask around and to make your own decision. In case of any questions or doubt, please feel free to contact us at any time.


The 2013 Marketing Science Organizing Committee

Prof. dr. Tulin Erdem
Prof. dr. Erhan Erkut
Prof. dr. Koen Pauwels


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