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Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30(4)

From the Editor
Gloria Barczak [Publisher]

In This Issue
C. Anthony Di Benedetto [Publisher]

Boards of Directors, Innovation, and Performance: An Exploration at Multiple Levels
Daniel Robeson and Gina Colarelli O’Connor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Stage-Wise Approach to Exploring Performance Effects of Cycle Time Reduction
Katrin Eling, Fred Langerak and Abbie Griffin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing Sustainable New Products in the Textile and Upholstered Furniture Industries: Role of External Integrative Capabilities
Rosa Maria Dangelico, Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo and Devashish Pujari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Does Search Openness Really Matter? A Contingency Study of Health-Care Innovation Projects
Torsten Oliver Salge, Tomas Farchi, Michael Ian Barrett and Sue Dopson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Formation of Fairness Perceptions in the Cooperation between Entrepreneurs and Universities
Elco van Burg, Victor A. Gilsing, Isabelle M.M.J. Reymen and A. Georges L. Romme [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Proactive/Responsive Market Orientation and Marketing—Research and Development Integration
Paul R. Lamore, David Berkowitz and Phillip A. Farrington [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ordered to Innovate: A Longitudinal Examination of the Early Periods of a New Product Development Process Implementation in a Manufacturing Firm
Serdar S. Durmusoglu, Roger J. Calantone and Regina C. McNally [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information in Launch Messages: Stimulating the Adoption of New High-Tech Consumer Products
Katrin Talke and Dirk Snelders [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Complements or Substitutes? Internal Technological Strength, Competitor Alliance Participation, and Innovation Development
Shichun Xu, Fang Wu and Erin Cavusgil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizational Culture and Innovation: A Meta-Analytic Review
Thorsten Büschgens, Andreas Bausch and David B. Balkin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perspective: The Green Innovation Value Chain: A Tool for Evaluating the Diffusion Prospects of Green Products
Erik L. Olson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Help or Hindrance? Causal Ambiguity and Supplier Involvement in New Product Development Teams
Antony Potter and Benn Lawson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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