TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 114(3)

Board Composition and Corporate Social Responsibility: An Empirical Investigation in the Post Sarbanes-Oxley Era
Jason Q. Zhang, Hong Zhu & Hung-bin Ding [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

For All Good Reasons: Role of Values in Organizational Sustainability
Liviu Florea, Yu Ha Cheung & Neil C. Herndon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Determinants of Consumer’s Willingness to Purchase Gray-Market Smartphones
Chun-Hsiung Liao & I -Yu Hsieh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Media and Their Advertisers: Exploring Ethical Dilemmas in Product Coverage Decisions
Diego Rinallo, Suman Basuroy, Ruhai Wu & Hyo Jin Jeon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Green’ Human Resource Benefits: Do they Matter as Determinants of Environmental Management System Implementation?
Marcus Wagner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deficiencies in the Code of Conduct: The AICPA Rhetoric Surrounding the Tax Return Preparation Outsourcing Disclosure Rules
Renu Desai & Robin Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical Consumption and New Business Models in the Food Industry. Evidence from the Eataly Case
Roberta Sebastiani, Francesca Montagnini & Daniele Dalli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Greenwash and Green Trust: The Mediation Effects of Green Consumer Confusion and Green Perceived Risk
Yu-Shan Chen & Ching-Hsun Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Let the Story Go: The Role of Emotion in the Decision-Making Process of the Reluctant, Vulnerable Witness or Whistle-Blower
James Hollings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Conflict of Ethos and Ethics: A Sociological Theory of Business People’s Ethical Values
Lydia Segal & Mark Lehrer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Whether and to What Extent Consumers Demand Fair Pricing Behavior for Its Own Sake
Adam Nguyen & Juan Meng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Taking Stock of Accounting Ethics Scholarship: A Review of the Journal Literature
Roberta Bampton & Christopher J. Cowton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Business Executives’ Perceptions of Ethical Leadership and Its Development
Catherine Marsh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Promoting High Quality Work: Obstacles and Opportunities
David A. Spencer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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