Revisit: Changing Food Consumption


Changing Food Consumption Behaviors, Special issue of Psychology & Marketing; Deadline 30 Jun 2013

Call for Papers

Special Issue: Changing Food Consumption Behaviors

Guest Editors:

  • Ben Lowe, University of Kent, UK
  • Diogo de Souza Monteiro, University of Kent, UK
  • Iain Fraser, University of Kent, UK

The consumption of food is an integral part of our day to day lives. Our bodies need food, and we like food, but consumption of food presents society with a number of challenges and paradoxes. Some of these are highlighted by The Economist in their December 2012 Special Report on “Obesity”. Despite increased attention to food consumption issues, food related health concerns (e.g., obesity, diabetes, heart disease, allergies etc.) have maintained a steady increase, and are associated with significant economic and social costs. Though the influences on the consumption of food are wide and varied, recent consumer behavior research points to the importance of understanding individual psychological biases that explain food consumption decisions.

Original research and review manuscripts are invited for a forthcoming special issue of Psychology & Marketing that will explore changing food consumption behaviors. Specifically the Special Issue will examine how marketers and policy makers can change consumers’ food consumption decisions by understanding their psychological biases. Contributions to the special issue may come from a range of areas, and might include, but are not limited to: payment methods and consumption of food; consumer participation in food production and its consequences; technology and consumption of food; consumer response to health claims and nutritional labels; segmentation of consumers in relation to processing food and nutrition information; choice overload and information processing; emotions, mood and food choice.

Manuscripts may contain a maximum of 50 double-spaced pages (including all figures, tables, references, and appendices) with citations & references in APA style and must be received in electronic form (MS WORD) no later than June 30th, 2013.

Submit manuscripts and all correspondence related to this special issue via email to Dr. Ben Lowe (Kent Business School, University of Kent) at:

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