TOC: Qual Mar Res Intl J


Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 16(3)

Competing while shopping: How women shoppers create experiential value through the process of competing, co-opeting, and cooperating at a bridal gown sale
Bridget Satinover Nichols, Daniel J. Flint [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Queering beauty: fatshionistas in the fatosphere
Lauren Gurrieri, Hélène Cherrier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Female students’ drinking seen through collages and diaries
Dariusz Siemieniako, Krzysztof Kubacki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Generation Y females online: insights from brand narratives
Lorna Ruane, Elaine Wallace [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Women’s magazines as facilitators of Christmas rituals
Lynne Freeman, Susan Bell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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