TOC: J Intl Con Mar


Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 25(3)

C. Anthony Di Benedetto [Publisher]

Emerging Materialism in China: Qualitative and Quantitative Insights
Chunyan Xie, Richard P. Bagozzi & Zhi Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effectiveness of Foreign-Language Display in Advertising for Congruent versus Incongruent Products
Jos Hornikx, Frank van Meurs & Robert-Jan Hof [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On What Do Consumer Product Preferences Depend? Determining Domestic versus Foreign Product Preferences in an Emerging Economy Market
Audra I. Mockaitis, Laura Salciuviene & Pervez N. Ghauri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Electronic Word-of-Mouth Impacts on Consumer Behavior: Exploratory and Experimental Studies
Fabio Shimabukuro Sandes & Andre Torres Urdan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Evaluation of Brand Extension for Global and Local Brands: The Moderating Role of Product Similarity
Plavini Punyatoya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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