MASSIG Emerging Scholar Award


The AMA Marketing and Society Special Interest Group calls for nominations for its Emerging Scholar Award

Nominate a Deserving Candidate for the AMA MASSIG “Emerging Scholar Award”

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to nominate a deserving candidate for the AMA Marketing and Society Special Interest Group’s “Emerging Scholar Award,” for past contributions and future promise in research advancing the study of Marketing and Society issues. The 2012 inaugural winner of this new award was Professor Kelly Martin of Colorado State University.

This award is given annually to honor the contributions of a researcher who has completed his/her Ph.D. within ten years. Thus MASSIG members who received their Ph.D. in or after 2003 are eligible this year. This award will be announced at the AMA Summer Educator’s Conference to be held in Boston, MA in August 2013.


Recipients of this award should be MASSIG members in good standing and should have obtained their doctoral degree in 2003 or afterwards. Those who have yet to receive tenure will receive preference, all other considerations being equal.

Selection Process:

Each year, a panel of three MASSIG members will be appointed by the MASSIG Chair to serve as a selection committee. The panel will solicit nominations and select the recipient of the award for their scholarly contributions to the marketing and society research area. Criteria to be used for determining contribution include problem significance, innovation, methodological rigor, and potential to substantially advance our understanding of this area.


To submit a nomination for the MASSIG Emerging Scholar Award, nominators should provide:

  • A brief letter of nomination (self-nominations are acceptable).
  • A current C.V. for the nominated scholar.

All materials need to be submitted electronically.

Please note that anyone nominated this year will be automatically considered for the next two years as long as they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

This year’s selection committee is chaired by Professor Ronald P. Hill. MASSIG members are encouraged to nominate potential candidates for the award by sending nominations to Professor Hill before June 20, 2013.

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