TOC: Man Sci


Management Science, 59(5)

Management Insights
Michael F. Gorman [Publisher]

Information Acquisition During Online Decision Making: A Model-Based Exploration Using Eye-Tracking Data
Savannah Wei Shi, Michel Wedel, and F. G. M. (Rik) Pieters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On Hospice Operations Under Medicare Reimbursement Policies
Baris Ata, Bradley L. Killaly, Tava Lennon Olsen, and Rodney P. Parker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Value: The Role of Customer Awareness
Henri Servaes and Ane Tamayo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Stock Selection and Performance of Buy-Side Analysts
Boris Groysberg, Paul Healy, George Serafeim, and Devin Shanthikumar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investor Sentiment, Disagreement, and the Breadth-Return Relationship
Ling Cen, Hai Lu, and Liyan Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Licensing in a Market for Technology
Ashish Arora, Andrea Fosfuri, and Thomas Ronde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Control of Dividends, Capital Subscriptions, and Physical Inventories
Lode Li, Martin Shubik, and Matthew J. Sobel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimal Workflow Decisions for Investigators in Systems with Interruptions
Gregory Dobson, Tolga Tezcan, and Vera Tilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Evolving Impact of Combinatorial Opportunities and Exhaustion on Innovation by Business Groups as Market Development Increases: The Case of Taiwan
Ishtiaq Mahmood, Chi-Nien Chung, and Will Mitchell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Heterogeneity, Product Quality, and Distribution Channels
Hongyan Shi, Yunchuan Liu, and Nicholas C. Petruzzi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revenue Sharing in Airline Alliances
Xing Hu, Rene Caldentey, and Gustavo Vulcano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Facilitating Fit Revelation in the Competitive Market
Zheyin (Jane) Gu and Ying Xie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multistage Capital Budgeting for Shared Investments
Nicole Bastian Johnson, Thomas Pfeiffer, and Georg Schneider [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamics of Contract Design with Screening
Jaksa Cvitanic, Xuhu Wan, and Huali Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Newsvendor Demand Chasing Revisited
Nelson Lau and J. Neil Bearden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revisiting Almost Second-Degree Stochastic Dominance
Larry Y. Tzeng, Rachel J. Huang, and Pai-Ta Shih [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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