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Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Special Issue on Marketplace Diversity and Inclusion

From Exclusion to Inclusion: An Introduction to the Special Issue on Marketplace Diversity and Inclusion
Geraldine Rosa Henderson and Jerome D Williams [Publisher]

Toward Marketplace Diversity: A Multimeasure, Multidimensional Study of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
Benét DeBerry-Spence, Akon Elizabeth Ekpo, Mopelola Adelakun, and Hande Gunay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Disparate Levels of Marketplace Inclusion on Consumer–Brand Relationships
Aronté Marie Bennett, Ronald Paul Hill, and Daniel Oleksiuk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Critical Spatial Approach to Marketplace Exclusion and Inclusion
Bige Saatcioglu and Julie L Ozanne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Immigrants Versus Nationals: When an Intercultural Service Encounter Failure Turns to Verbal Confrontation
Guillaume D Johnson, Yuvay J Meyers, and Jerome D Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Living on the Other Side of the Tracks: An Investigation of Public Housing Stereotypes
Carol M Motley and Vanessa Gail Perry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inclusive Economic Development Programs and Consumers’ Access to Credit in Emerging Market Economies: The Public Policy Role of Marketing in Rural Bank Programs in Ghana
Kofi Q Dadzie, Charlene A Dadzie, Evelyn M Winston, and Charles Blankson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In-Group and Out-Group Influences on the Consumption Behavior of Minority Groups: The Case of Gay Men
Diogo Hildebrand, Yoshiko DeMotta, Sankar Sen, and Kritika Kongsompong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Matters: Factors Influencing Gay Consumers’ Evaluations of “Gay-Friendly” Corporate Activities
Gillian W Oakenfull [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intersectionality 101
Ahir Gopaldas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Endlessly Creating Myself: Examining Marketplace Inclusion Through the Lived Experience of Black and White Male Millennials
Kevin D Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bridging Cultural Divides: The Role and Impact of Binational Families
Samantha N.N Cross and Mary C Gilly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factors Affecting Judgments of Prevalence and Representation: Implications for Public Policy and Marketing
Donnel A Briley, L.J Shrum, and Robert S Wyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural Diversity in Television Narratives: Homophilization, Appropriation, and Implications for Media Advocacy
Cristel Antonia Russell, Hope Jensen Schau, and David Crockett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-Cultural Cool: Consumer Implications of Urban Identification in the United States and Hong Kong
Marlene Morris Towns [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Agents of Change: A Scale to Identify Diversity Seekers
Anne M Brumbaugh and Sonya A Grier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward Intercultural Competency in Multicultural Marketplaces
Catherine Demangeot, Natalie Ross Adkins, Rene Dentiste Mueller, Geraldine Rosa Henderson, Nakeisha S Ferguson, James M Mandiberg, Abhijit Roy, Guillaume D Johnson, Eva Kipnis, Chris Pullig, Amanda J Broderick, and Miguel Angel Zúñiga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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