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Journal of Marketing Management, 29(3/4)

Ediorial: Retailing in a connected world
Dhruv Grewal, Anne Roggeveen & Rodney C. Runyan [Publisher]

Consumer demographics, ethnocentrism, cultural values, and acculturation to the global consumer culture: A retail perspective
Jason M. Carpenter, Marguerite Moore, Nicholas Alexander & Anne Marie Doherty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social capital in QQ China: Impacts on virtual engagement of information seeking, interaction sharing, knowledge creating, and purchasing intention
Ran Huang, HaeJung Kim & Jiyoung Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cognitive age and grocery-store patronage by elderly shoppers
Christoph Teller, Ernst Gittenberger & Peter Schnedlitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The wallpaper matters: Digital signage as customer-experience provider at the Harrods (London, UK) department store
Charles Dennis, J. Joško Brakus & Eleftherios Alamanos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The value of knowing what customers really want: The impact of salesperson ability to read non-verbal cues of affect on service quality
Nancy M. Puccinelli, Susan A. Andrzejewski, Ereni Markos, Tracy Noga & Scott Motyka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Call back the jury: Reinvestigating the effects of fit and parent brand quality in determining brand extension success
Sandra J. Milberg, Ronald C. Goodstein, Francisca Sinn, Andres Cuneo & Leonardo D. Epstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special issue on CRM: Technology adoption, business implications, and social and cultural concerns
Maged Ali, TC Melewar & Charles Dennis [Publisher]

Online social networking: Relationship marketing in UK hotels
Timothy H. Jung, Elizabeth M. Ineson & Emma Green [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the information value of virtual communities: Factual versus opinion-based message content
Chris Archer-Brown, Niall Piercy & Adam Joinson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The case of customer recruitment processes: Dynamic evolution of customer relationship management resource networks
Ashley Braganza, Heather Stebbings & Theodora Ngosi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does organisational culture influence CRM’s financial outcomes?
Reiny Iriana, Francis Buttle & Lawrence Ang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building customer loyalty in online retailing: The role of relationship quality
Mohammed Rafiq, Heather Fulford & Xiaoming Lu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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