TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 113(3)

A Systematic Literature Review of Servant Leadership Theory in Organizational Contexts
Denise Linda Parris & Jon Welty Peachey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value, a Way Out of Uncertainties: A Physical Model for Ethics and Freedoms
Emmanuel Chauvet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring and Differentiating Perceptions of Supervisor and Top Leader Ethics
Janet L. Kottke & Kathie L. Pelletier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changes in Attitudes Towards Business Ethics Held by Former South African Business Management Students
Gavin Price & Andries Johannes Walt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Crisis, Committees and Consultants: The Rise of Value-For-Money Auditing in the Federal Public Sector in Canada
Clinton Free, Vaughan S. Radcliffe & Brent White [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Development of a Market for Sustainable Coffee in The Netherlands: Rethinking the Contribution of Fair Trade
Paul T. M. Ingenbleek & Machiel J. Reinders [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Consumer Unethical Behavior Relate to Birthplace? Evidence from China
BaoChun Zhao & ShanShan Xu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Vulnerability and the Basis of Business Ethics: From Fiduciary Duties to Professionalism
Eric Brown [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sleeping with the Enemy? Strategic Transformations in Business–NGO Relationships Through Stakeholder Dialogue
Jon Burchell & Joanne Cook [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Crash of Cougar Flight 491: A Case Study of Offshore Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility
Susan M. Hart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sunao as Character: Its Implications for Trust and Intercultural Communication Within Subsidiaries of Japanese Multinationals in Australia
Joanna Crossman & Hiroko Noma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Denis Collins: Essentials of Business Ethics—Creating an Organization of High Integrity and Superior Performance
Long-Fei Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

RETRACTED ARTICLE: The “Strong” Versus “Weak” Premise of Stakeholder Legitimacy and the Rhetorical Perspective of Diffusion
Eugene Z. Geh [Publisher]

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