TOC: Psych Rev


Psychological Review, 120(2)

A probabilistic clustering theory of the organization of visual short-term memory.
Orhan, A. Emin; Jacobs, Robert A. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A computational model of inhibitory control in frontal cortex and basal ganglia.
Wiecki, Thomas V.; Frank, Michael J. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The co-evolution of knowledge and event memory.
Nelson, Angela B.; Shiffrin, Richard M. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rational temporal predictions can underlie apparent failures to delay gratification.
McGuire, Joseph T.; Kable, Joseph W. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reconciling intuitive physics and Newtonian mechanics for colliding objects.
Sanborn, Adam N.; Mansinghka, Vikash K.; Griffiths, Thomas L. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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