Conference on Crowdfunding sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation and the Leeds School of Business at CU-Boulder, 12-13 Jul 2013; Deadline 6 May

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Kauffman Foundation, we at the Leeds School of Business at CU-Boulder are pleased to host an intimate academic conference aimed at bringing together experts and scholars from across disciplines such as law, finance, management, marketing and entrepreneurship to discuss current work, and shape the research agenda on crowdfunding. Crowdfunding in all its forms has already become a major force in shaping the options available to individuals looking to fund their ideas, endeavors and businesses. For example, crowdfunding platforms raised about $2.8 billion in 2012, up from $1.5 billion in 2011, according to Forbes estimates. Crowdfunding will likely have a fundamental impact on entrepreneurial finance and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, but exactly how is a matter of much debate. Additionally, developments in this arena promise to provide a useful arena to test theory related to areas such as consumer financial decision-making, information disclosure, opportunity exploitation processes, and stakeholder management.

This conference will provide a forum for discussion of current and emerging work. We invite contributions that represent original, interesting, and ambitious research. To facilitate discussion across and within disciplines, research will be featured in poster and panel sessions to encourage participants to interact one-on-one with each other. The conference will also feature a debate, with experts from academics and practice, including representation of crowdfunding platforms and related service firms.


We are seeking two forms of submissions:

  • Paper proposals: Please submit an abstract of up to 1000 words on current research on this topic. Papers selected will be presented in poster sessions to encourage one-on-one discussions. Please submit original, unpublished work only.
  • Panel proposals: Proposals for panel sessions should include the topic the panel will cover, a list of participants and their contribution to the panel, and a summary of the key objective of the panel. Panel proposals should not exceed 5 pages (single spaced).

Please include a title page with your name, academic affiliation, department affiliation, submission type (paper or panel), and 3-5 keywords.

Due date for submissions is Monday, May 6, 2013. Upload submissions here:

Conference co-coordinators:

Please let me know if you have any questions! More information can be found at


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