TOC: Technovation


Technovation, 33(4/5)

Editorial: Where is research in business and management taking place?
Quanhong Jiang, Jonathan D. Linton [Publisher]

Letter from Kyoto — a call for research in Science, Technology, and Society
Jonathan D. Linton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How do we move forward to maintain sustainability for the future of humankind?
Ismail Serageldin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Global health
Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge action networks and regional climate change adaptation
Charles F. Kennel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nanotechnology for electronics & photonics
Nai-Chang Yeh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The future of nuclear: Safety and development
Bernard Bigot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measures against disasters
Gordon McBean [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Complexity: Toward an empirical measure
Mark A. Jacobs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shedding new light on the relationship between contextual ambidexterity and firm performan An investigation of internal contingencies
Dirk De Clercq, Narongsak (Tek) Thongpapanl, Dimo Dimov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizing innovation projects under technological turbulence
Marina Candi, Jan van den Ende, Gerda Gemser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research collaboration and R&D outsourcing: Different R&D personnel requirements in SMEs
Peter Teirlinck, André Spithoven [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The value added by government venture capital funds compared with independent venture capital funds
Terttu Luukkonen, Matthias Deschryvere, Fabio Bertoni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of equity financing to support entrepreneurship in Asia—The experience of Singapore and Thailand
Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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