TOC: J Travel Res


Journal of Travel Research, 52(3)

A Quantified Triple Bottom Line for Tourism: Experimental Results
Timothy Tyrrell, Cody Morris Paris, and Vernon Biaett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Ecological Systems Theory and Density of Acquaintance to Explore Resident Perception of Entrepreneurial Climate
Carol Kline, Nancy Gard McGehee, Shona Paterson, and Jerry Tsao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Travel Decision Making: An Empirical Examination of Generational Values, Attitudes, and Intentions
Sarah Gardiner, Ceridwyn King, and Debra Grace [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing the Perceived Restorative Qualities of Vacation Destinations
Xinran Y. Lehto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Extent and Role of Domestic Tourism in a Small Island: The Case of the Isle of Man
Brendan Canavan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of the EU Emissions Trading System on Air Passenger Arrivals in the Caribbean
Elodie Blanc and Niven Winchester [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourist Behavior Intentions and the Moderator Effect of Knowledge of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Case of La Sagrada Familia
Ramon Palau-Saumell, Santiago Forgas-Coll, Javier Sanchez-Garcia, and Lluis Prats-Planaguma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Protected Area Visitor Willingness to Participate in Site Enhancement Activities
David Bruce Weaver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Visitors’ Perceptions of Tourism Impacts: Bruny and Magnetic Islands, Australia
Brent D. Moyle, Betty Weiler, and Glen Croy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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