TOC: J Financial Services Mar


Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 18(1)

Tina Harrison [Publisher]

Affect and marketing stimuli in consumer loyalty decisions to automobile insurers
Steven A Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Risk preferences and the marketing of financial services: Segmentation by birth order
David R Rink, Dianne M Roden and Steven R Cox [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Establishing bank-corporate relationships and building competitive advantages
Yongsheng Guo, John Holland and Niklas Kreander [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of firm characteristics in accessing credit for SMEs
H Semih Yildirim, Yavuz Akci and Ibrahim Halil Eksi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changes in the marketing and operational capacity of retail sector firms through corporate securitization
Laurent Bouvier and Tahir M Nisar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Banking the unbanked in rural southwest Nigeria: Showcasing mobile phones as mobile banks among farming households
Isaac Oluwatayo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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