Co-Creation in Service


Co-Creation in Service Symposium, Hunter Valley, Australia, 8-10 May 2013

Co-creation in Service (CCIS) Symposium in the Hunter Valley, Australia, 8th – 10th May 2013.

The aims of CCIS are to initiate dialogue and share experience in areas related to co-creation, focusing on three broad research questions:

  1. How to define co-creation/Various ways of approaching an understanding of value creation
  2. Means of co-creation/Creating models of the co-creation process
  3. Value-in-use, value-in-context, value-in-experience, value-in-interactions as outcomes of co-creation

The Co-Creation in Service Symposium has been initiated by the Newcastle Business School, Australia. This year, we invite Prof Christian Grönroos as the Symposium facilitator. He is known as a pioneer in service and relationship marketing research and has continuously contributed to the advancement of marketing theory. A celebration dinner will be held to celebrate his achievements as a "Legend in Marketing" – the first outside North America. If you are interested, please find updated information about CCIS2013, and register your interest using the following link:

The Newcastle Business School is bestowing a special bursary that covers the registration and 2 nights accommodation for a talented PhD student who currently works in co-creation research. If you are aware of a student who you think meets the criteria, please encourage them to apply for this opportunity.

We are seeking an interested party to host the next CCIS Symposium. Please contact for further details.

Sincerely yours,

Dr Tom Chen
Newcastle Business School
The University of Newcastle
+61 2 4921 5047

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