TOC: Org Sci


Organization Science, 24(2)

Bringing the Institutional Context Back In: A Cross-National Comparison of Alliance Partner Selection and Knowledge Acquisition
Gurneeta Vasudeva, Jennifer W. Spencer, and Hildy J. Teegen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Designing for Complexity: Using Divisions and Hierarchy to Manage Complex Tasks
Yue Maggie Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Seizing Opportunity in Emerging Fields: How Institutional Entrepreneurs Legitimated the Professional Form of Management Consulting
Robert J. David, Wesley D. Sine, and Heather A. Haveman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Divergent Reactions to Convergent Strategies: Investor Beliefs and Analyst Reactions During Technological Change
Mary J. Benner and Ram Ranganathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hedging Your Bets: Explaining Executives’ Market Labeling Strategies in Nanotechnology
Nina Granqvist, Stine Grodal, and Jennifer L. Woolley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Membership Overlap on Growth: An Ecological Competition View of Online Groups
Xiaoqing Wang, Brian S. Butler, and Yuqing Ren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assembling Jobs: A Model of How Tasks Are Bundled Into and Across Jobs
Lisa E. Cohen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Task Bubbles, Artifacts, Shared Emotion, and Mutual Focus of Attention: A Comparative Study of the Microprocesses of Group Engagement
Anca Metiu and Nancy P. Rothbard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Language Matters: Status Loss and Achieved Status Distinctions in Global Organizations
Tsedal B. Neeley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dual Signals: How Competition Makes or Breaks Interfirm Social Ties
Denis Trapido [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Looking Inside the Dream Team: Probing Into the Contributions of Tacit Knowledge as an Organizational Resource
Jamal Shamsie and Michael J. Mannor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competition and Cooperation in Corporate Governance: The Effects of Labor Institutions on Blockholder Effectiveness in 23 European Countries
Marc van Essen, J. (Hans) van Oosterhout, and Pursey P. M. A. R. Heugens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Growing at Work: Employees’ Interpretations of Progressive Self-Change in Organizations
Scott Sonenshein, Jane E. Dutton, Adam M. Grant, Gretchen M. Spreitzer, and Kathleen M. Sutcliffe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Organizational Identity Approach to Strategic Groups
Vikas Anand, Mahendra Joshi, and Anne M. O’Leary-Kelly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Filling or Abusing the Institutional Void? Ownership and Management Control of Public Family Businesses in an Emerging Market
Xiaowei Rose Luo and Chi-Nien Chung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Double Victimization in the Workplace: Why Observers Condemn Passive Victims of Sexual Harassment
Kristina A. Diekmann, Sheli D. Sillito Walker, Adam D. Galinsky, and Ann E. Tenbrunsel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extending Construal-Level Theory to Distributed Groups: Understanding the Effects of Virtuality
Jeanne Wilson, C. Brad Crisp, and Mark Mortensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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