Revisit: Marketing-Industrial Organization


The Marketing-Industrial Organization Conference, Yale Center for Customer Insights and Cowles Foundation Sponsors, New York City, 5-6 Apr 2013

Announcing the Second Biennial Yale Marketing-Industrial Organization Conference

April 5-6, 2013
Yale Club, New York City (50 Vanderbuilt Avenue)

This conference, organized by the Yale Center for Customer Insights and the Cowles Foundation at Yale, recognizes the growing overlap in empirical research in the fields of Marketing and Industrial Organization and aims to provide an opportunity for scholars in both areas to interact with each other and foster collaboration and exchange of ideas. The sessions follow a single session format. Papers presented by marketers are discussed by economists and vice versa to encourage cross-disciplinary thinking.

The conference starts on Friday afternoon, April 5 and ends on Saturday evening, April 6. There will be a celebratory dinner on Friday evening.

Learn more and view the complete conference program at:


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