TOC: Mar Theory


Marketing Theory, 13(1)

Marketized philanthropy: Kiva’s utopian ideology of entrepreneurial philanthropy
Domen Bajde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value creation processes and value outcomes in marketing theory: Strangers or siblings?
Johanna Gummerus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brandscapes of control? Surveillance, marketing and the co-construction of subjectivity and space in neo-liberal capitalism
David Murakami Wood and Kirstie Ball [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dynamics of place brands: An identity-based approach to place branding theory
Mihalis Kavaratzis and Mary Jo Hatch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The triadic interaction model of political marketing exchange
Stephan C Henneberg and Robert P Ormrod [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intentionality, symbol, and situation in the interpretation of consumer choice
Gordon R Foxall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comments on Foxall’s ‘Intentionality, symbol and situation in the interpretation of consumer choice’
Jorge M Oliveira-Castro [Publisher]

Consumer behaviour analysis and ascription of intentionality to the explanation of consumer choice
Valdimar Sigurdsson [Publisher]

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