Wisdom of Crowds


Conference on the Wisdom of the Crowd, University of California, Irvine, 18-19 Apr 2013

Conference on the Wisdom of the Crowd at UCI in Irvine on April 18-19.

The Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences (IMBS) at UC Irvine will host a conference on the "Wisdom of the Crowd." The aim of the conference is to share recent advances in models and methods for combining human knowledge, and explore current and future applications in areas like forecasting, crowd-sourcing and prediction markets. The list of speakers includes researchers with a diverse set of academic and industry backgrounds.

The conference will be held at UC Irvine in the Luce Conference Room, Social Science Plaza A, Room 2112 on Thursday, April 18 and Friday, April 19. It will begin on Thursday around lunch time April 18, and end late on Friday, April 19.There will also be a conference dinner Thursday evening.

Speakers (in alphabetical order, final order TBA)

  • William Batchelder – Cognitive Sciences, UCI
  • David Budescu – Psychology, Fordham
  • Seyda Ertekin – Sloan School of Management, MIT
  • Stefan Herzog -Max Planck Institute for Human Development
  • Michael Lee – Cognitive Sciences, UCI
  • Kenneth Lichtendahl — Business Administration, University of Virginia
  • David Pennock – Microsoft Research
  • Jack Soll – Fuqua School of Business, Duke
  • Mark Steyvers – Cognitive Sciences, UCI
  • Thomas Wallsten – Psychology, University of Maryland
  • Robert Winkler – School of Business, Duke University


  • Mark Steyvers and Michael Lee (UCI)
  • Stergios Skaperdas, Interim Director, IMBS


Interested individuals are welcome to attend and participate. There are no costs associated with conference registration but we do ask that you send an email to Janet Phelps (jjphelps@uci.edu

Updated information about the program schedule and a list of abstracts will be made available here:



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