TOC: Psych Mar


Psychology & Marketing, 30(4)

Linking Sources of Consumer Confusion to Decision Satisfaction: The Role of Choice Goals
Qing Wang and Paurav Shukla [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Navigating Residue Sensitivity in the Used Goods Marketplace
Sommer Kapitan and Rajesh Bhargave [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cry, Laugh, or Fight: The Impact of the Advertising Image and Disease Target Match on Consumers’ Evaluations of Cancer Advertising
Kimberly A. Taylor and Jana Nekesa Knibb [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From “Lemons” to Lemonade: Lessening the Impact of Adverse Selection through Buyer Trust
Gordon T. Gray, Stacia Wert-Gray and Donna Carlon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Other Customers on Customer Citizenship Behavior
Youjae Yi, Taeshik Gong and Hyojin Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Following Islam in Decisions about Taboo Products
Nazlida Muhamad and Dick Mizerski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Usefulness, Enjoyment, and Self-Image Congruence: The Adoption of e-Book Readers
Carmen Antón, Carmen Camarero and Javier Rodríguez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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