Winter AMA 2014


AMA Winter Marketing Educators? Conference, Orlando, 21?23 Feb 2014, Chairs Gary K. Hunter and Tom J. Steenburgh; Deadline 31 Jul

The theme of this year’s AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference is "Engaging Customers." As buying patterns continue to evolve, we see companies searching for new and creative ways to engage their customers. In B2C markets, consumers are taking greater control over the information that they consume, using DVRs to screen out commercials and caller Id to screen out phone calls. Marketers are responding through inbound marketing, shifting their focus toward engaging customers through social media and fostering an interactive dialog. In B2B markets, we see global customers demanding more from a smaller set of suppliers. Suppliers are responding by creating strategic account organizations with elaborate networks of salespeople that strive to co-create value early in the buying process. This conference will examine these trends by focusing on the many new ways marketers embrace to acquire, build and maintain strong customer relationships.

The Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference is a global meeting of marketing educators designed to encourage the development, dissemination, and utilization of marketing knowledge. The host city, Orlando, FL, offers easy access with convenient flights from across the United States and world.

Co-chairs for the conference are Gary K. Hunter, Case Western Reserve University and Tom J. Steenburgh, University of Virginia. Inquiries related to the conference can be sent via email to

Call for papers can be found at:

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