TOC: Intl J Res Mar


International Journal of Research in Marketing, 30(1)

Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue on Marketing in Emerging Markets
Steven Michael Burgess, Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Socioeconomic status and consumption in an emerging economy
Wagner A. Kamakura, Jose A. Mazzon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quantifying nation equity with sales data: A structural approach
Junhong Chu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing capabilities, institutional development, and the performance of emerging market firms: A multinational study
Jie Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Functional and experiential routes to persuasion: An analysis of advertising in emerging versus developed markets
Lia Zarantonello, Kamel Jedidi, Bernd H. Schmitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Winning hearts, minds and sales: How marketing communication enters the purchase process in emerging and mature markets
Koen Pauwels, Selin Erguncu, Gokhan Yildirim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The “green” side of materialism in emerging BRIC and developed markets: The moderating role of global cultural identity
Yuliya Strizhakova, Robin A. Coulter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conducting field research in subsistence markets, with an application to market orientation in the context of Ethiopian pastoralists
Paul T.M. Ingenbleek, Workneh Kassa Tessema, Hans C.M. van Trijp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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