Sponsorship-Linked Marketing


Sponsorship-Linked Marketing, Special issue of the Journal of Sport Management, Edited by T. Bettina Cornwell and Dae Hee Kwak; Deadline 31 Oct 2013

Special Issue of the Journal of Sport Management Sponsorship-Linked Marketing

This special issue of the Journal of Sport Management will examine sponsoring as a marketing and brand building activity for both sport and sponsor. In this sense, the focus of the special issue is on sponsorship as a multifaceted engagement platform not as a funding mechanism for sport.

Theoretical and empirical papers are sought and all methods and modes of inquiry are welcome. In particular, we seek experimental work, innovative thinking, and new theoretical perspectives.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Examination of social media, beyond "clicks" and "likes," when utilized in conjunction with sponsorship
  • Brand building by sport and sponsor via sponsorship
  • Aspects of sponsorship integration with traditional, new and emerging media
  • Use and effectiveness of sponsorship-linked advertising, advergaming and other thematically tied marketing communication platforms
  • Development, management, and measurement of firm sponsorship portfolios for brand outcomes
  • Development, management and measurement of sport rosters for brand outcomes
  • Measurement of ROI, ROO and customer life time value
  • Integration of sport with non-sport, charity, cause and beneficiary sponsorships
  • Integration of professional commercial sponsorship and grassroots participant sport sponsorship to support marketing communications as well as community outcomes
  • Effects of purposeful ambushing, incidental ambushing, and free riding in sponsoring
  • Examination of sponsorship during/after management crisis or scandal
  • The role of leveraging (all collateral spending) and activation (those communications that encourage interaction with the sponsor or sponsor’s products) in building brand equity
  • Application of physiological measures including eye-tracking and fmri to sponsorship understanding
  • Really new theoretical frameworks, beyond fit, matching, and congruence that offer rigorously argued, theoretically testable propositions

Manuscripts should follow the guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (www.apa.org), and should be prepared in accordance with the Journal of Sport Management “Instructions to Authors” (http://www.humankinetics.com/JSM/journalAbout.cfm). Manuscripts must not be submitted to another journal while they are under review by the Journal of Sport Management, nor should they have been previously published.

Manuscripts should be submitted no later than 31 October, 2013 using Scholar One in the normal manner. Authors should indicate in their cover letter that the submission is to be considered for the Special Issue on Sponsorship-Linked Marketing. Separately and without the paper being attached, the co-editors request an email (to tbc@uoregon.edu and to kwakd@umich.edu) with the subject “JSM SI on Sponsorship-Linked Marketing” just to let us know the title of the paper and the list of co-authors that have been submitted to Scholar One.

Guest Editors:

T. Bettina Cornwell PhD
Edwin E. and June Woldt Cone Professor of Marketing
Director of Research, Warsaw Sports Marketing Center
University of Oregon

Dae Hee Kwak PhD
Assistant Professor of Sport Management
Co-Director, Michigan Center for Sport Management
University of Michigan

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