TOC: Service Bus


Service Business, 7(1)

The economics of professional services: lemon markets, credence goods, and C2C information sharing
Diego d’Andria [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conceptualising consumers’ word-of-mouth behaviour intention: evidence from a university education services in Malaysia
Hsin Hsin Chang, Don Jyh-Fu Jeng & Mohamad Rizal Abdul Hamid [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analysis of customer profit contribution for banks with the concept of marketing mix strategy between 4Cs and 5Ps
Tyrone T. Lin, Chia-Chi Lee & Hsiao-Chi Lin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Servitization and networking: large-scale survey findings on product-related services
A. Bikfalvi, G. Lay, S. Maloca & B. R. Waser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The moderating effect of culture on overall perceived value in the online purchasing process
Carmen M. Sabiote, Dolores M. Frías & J. Alberto Castañeda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigation of the relationship between service values and loyalty behaviors under high commitment
Won-Moo Hur, Hyun Kyung Kim & Hanna Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Explore how Chinese consumers evaluate retail service quality and satisfaction
W. M. To, Joyce F. Y. Tam & Millissa F. Y. Cheung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparative analysis of innovative diffusion in the high-tech markets of Japan and South Korea: a use–diffusion model approach
Yeong-Wha Sawng, Kazuyuki Motohashi & Gang-Hoon Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A support vector machine (SVM) approach to imbalanced datasets of customer responses: comparison with other customer response models
Gitae Kim, Bongsug Kevin Chae & David L. Olson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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