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Industrial Marketing Management, 42(1)

B2B Service Networks

Services networks: Concept and research agenda
Stephan C. Henneberg, Thorsten Gruber, Peter Naudé [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service and value in the interactive business landscape
David Ford, Stefanos Mouzas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Any way goes: Identifying value constellations for service infusion in SMEs
Christian Kowalkowski, Lars Witell, Anders Gustafsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Characterizing service networks for moving from products to solutions
Heiko Gebauer, Marco Paiola, Nicola Saccani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value co-creation in solution networks
Elina Jaakkola, Taru Hakanen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond the service factory: Service innovation in manufacturing supply networks
Martin Spring, Luis Araujo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making a profit with R&D services — The critical role of relational capital
Marko Kohtamäki, Jukka Partanen, Kristian Möller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing creativity in business market relationships

Managing creativity in business market relationships
Poul Houman Andersen, Hanne Kragh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interpreting and envisioning — A hermeneutic framework to look at radical innovation of meanings
Roberto Verganti, Åsa Öberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organising the interplay between exploitation and exploration: The case of interactive development of an information system
Daniel Hjelmgren, Anna Dubois [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Curating collections of ideas: Museum as metaphor in the management of creativity
Robert C. Litchfield, Lucy L. Gilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competence integration in creative processes
Christina Öberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spanning organizational boundaries to manage creative processes: The case of the LEGO Group
Poul Houman Andersen, Hanne Kragh, Christopher Lettl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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