Evidence-Based Advertising


An updated advertisingprinciples Web site is now live

What is Evidence-based Advertising?

The new FAQ for advertisingprinciples.com explains evidence-based advertising. Progress in advertising is dependent upon the development of evidence-based principles. The principles described on this site are based on thousands of experimental studies conducted over the past century. In my opinion, the adoption of evidence-based principles is inevitable—but overcoming opposition to some principles will take some time.

 The AdPrin.com FAQ addresses 35 questions about evidence-based advertising and provides links to key resources and evidence. To add an historical perspective, it contains a belated letter to John Wanamaker.  

The site is a free resource for advertisers, researchers, faculty, and students. Feel free to borrow ideas from this site. Also, to illustrate principles, it contains a collection of commercials, some of which I find addictive to watch, such as this one.

Please send suggestions to me on ways to improve the site.

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