TOC: Mar Letters


Marketing Letters, 24(1)

Budget allocation for customer acquisition and retention while balancing market share growth and customer equity
Hsiu-Yuan Tsao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer satisfaction as a buffer against sentimental stock-price corrections
Robert P. Merrin, Arvid O. I. Hoffmann & Joost M. E. Pennings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Opposing effects of sociodemographic variables on price knowledge
Charlotte Gaston-Breton & Priya Raghubir [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ online responses to the death of a celebrity
Scott K. Radford & Peter H. Bloch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Payment method and perceptions of ownership
Bernadette Kamleitner & Berna Erki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer portfolio composition and customer equity feedback effects: Student diversity and acquisition in educational communities
Michael Lewis, Debanjan Mitra & Yeujun Yoon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can a print publication be equally effective online? Testing the effect of medium type on marketing communications
Robert G. Magee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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