TOC: Mar Intell Planning


Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 31(1)

Marketing intelligence in SMEs: implications for the industry and policy makers
Authors: L.A. Cacciolatti, A. Fearne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of environmental concern and scepticism on green purchase behaviour
Authors: Tahir Albayrak, Safak Aksoy, Meltem Caber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer co-creation and new product development: a case study in the food industry
Authors: Raffaele Filieri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The ways companies really answer consumer complaints
Authors: Arnaldo L. Ryngelblum, Nadia W.H. Vianna, Celso A. Rimoli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Validation of a META-RELQUAL construct through a Nordic comparative study
Authors: Göran Svensson, Tore Mysen, Anne Rindell, Anders Billström [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selection of celebrity endorsers: A case approach to developing an endorser selection process model
Svend Hollensen, Christian Schimmelpfennig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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